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No Man's Sky Assistant Features


The data for all the recipes on the App are stored offline. So you don't need to spend your precious data calling a service to get recipe information.

Tons of Recipes

The App has all the recipes for Raw Materials, Crafted Products, Technology and Curiosities as well as all the Refiner recipes. With more recipes to come soon!!

Helps you Plan

With a simple click of a button you can get all the required items for an item, right down to the base materials.

Super Fast

Thanks to the platform this app is built with, the UI is very snappy. You can navigate through the App with minimal loading screens.

Multiple Language support

The app is built in such a way, that the user can change languages easily. Help with adding more languages would be appreciated!!

No Paywalls

All of the app's features are available to you from the start. You do not need to pay for any content. Donations are appreciated!! Contributors will be listed below.