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The data for all the recipes on the assistant are stored offline. So you don't need to spend your precious data calling a service to get recipe information.

Tons of Recipes

With new recipes added regularly, Assistant for No Man's Sky has all the recipes for Raw Materials, Crafted Products, Technology, Curiosities, etc. With more recipes constantly being added!!


Read Guides created by users to help you progress further in the game. Create your own Guide and help players that are new to the game.

Portal Library

Save all of your Portal addresses in one place. Easily search for and tag your saved Portals Addresses.

Plan your dreams

Plan out your dream base by adding the base items that you want to the 'Cart', and with a simple click of a button you can get all the required items for a list of items

Super Fast

Thanks to the platform the assistant is built with, the UI is very snappy. You can navigate through the Assistant with minimal loading screens.

Multiple Language support

The app is built in such a way, that the user can change languages easily. Help with adding more languages would be appreciated!!

No Paywalls

All of the app's features are available to you from the start. You do not need to pay for any content. Donations are appreciated!! Contributors will be listed below.

No Ads

We hate advertisements as much as you do! With this in mind you are not forced to watch ads to contribute to the app. We'd rather you contribute, if you can, to us directly!


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Available for all major mobile platforms.

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Android users can get the APK files from
*Works on iOS 9.0+, Android Lolipop and above.


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Why make a No Man's Sky App?

One day Kurt was playing No Man's Sky and wanted to plan out what farmable resources he should have at a new base, he thought that it would be easier to download an app from the Play/App Store than switch between the No Man's Sky wiki and the game. He found an app that contained all the content he wanted but had a pay wall, annoyed he decided to make an app that would be free for everyone to use. It was also a great excuse to play a bit with Flutter app development. Flutter has helped us make the Apps available on multiple App Stores without needing to write and maintain two different codebases. One of the most difficult parts of writing the Assistant for No Man's Sky Apps, have been dealing with the App Stores.
Over time users of the Apps have joined the Discord and become part of the AssistantNMS team. Such as Sphynxcolt, Vapour38 and Blend3rman. Hopefully more will join as the Apps attract more users

Kurt's has a blog called "Inside my Mind" - Where he writes about some of the issues and successes of the Assistant for No Man's Sky Apps.

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